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Front view of camp Lydia Lake

Welcome to Lydia Lake Lodge The log buildings were built by Suzette and the late Wayne Downey. The spruce trees in the surrounding area were used to construct the buildings. It had taken the couple just a little over two years to accomplish their dream, with only using basic tools and equipment.

The main building is the lodging units which was established in 1985. The other building at the entrance is Suzette Art Gallery which opened in 1982.

Previous customers have told us they found it peaceful, quiet and relaxing here. Our lodge is secluded, but not completly. We are located on highway # 11, therefore all the lakes in the immediate area are easily accessible to try out your fishing or hunting. Nearby there is a facility where you can get gas, basic groceries, liquor and boat rentals.

At night you can gather around our fire pit to chat, listen to music or just watch the stars, which can be seen so clearly. On some nights we are surrounded by the northern lights, at times you would think they were so close that you could reach out and touch them!

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