Longlac Sno Club Trail Update

There was a flurry of activity this fall using the new brush mower to clear and widen existing trail and to help complete the trail to Nakina. Once we finally had enough snow we have been grooming continually with both the groomer and the new Super Wide Track Ski Doo pulling the 4' drag.

The trails which are completely groomed are as follows:

The Hearst Trail to our boundary
The Manitouwadge Trail to our boundary
The Geraldton Trail to our boundary (with a few rough spots that require some more snow.)
The Caramat Trail - in great shape
The Ferno Trail in good shape
The Burma Trail in good shape

We are in the process of completing the grooming on the Nakina Trail. There are a few rough spots on the Nakina side of the trail.

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Revised March 9, 2001
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